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Yet, many are unsure of what preventive actions to take. The money could be used for more useful things. Where is the company located? Could not reach anyone to speak about it. No one does it right yet and this is a great opportunity.

  • Do you or your loved ones suspect a scam?
  • Pick a public setting for the first date A remote hike?
  • So it is no surprise that with so many strangers meeting strangers, the possibility of danger has increased exponentially.
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Your email address is now confirmed. Also the feedback or how are we doing is not friendly and I get the impression that they really don't want feedback, dating sites to get pregnant otherwise they want money. Submit review Don't show this popup. We called a company to come and assess the damage. It's a duplicate by the same member or copied text.

Investigate the images Many fraudsters cloak their real identity by using photos swiped from other sites. This is a serious waste of money. Remember when dating was relatively simple? So you really have to pay if you want to meet people. Do some basic reconnaissance Google a potential suitor, VandeWeerd suggests.

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering! My complaint is we get way too much junk mail from them. Was such a waste of money. Ok, so my husband and I are old enough to be members, and we are. Technology has changed much of that.

Reason of review Pricing issue. Every one of them was a scam artist. More on Dating Beware of dating and romance scams How to build an online dating profile. What's your story with this company?

Is howaboutwe a aarp dating site? This is the worst dating site I have ever joined. And the exploding number of dating sites and apps allow singles seeking companionship to connect with each other more quickly and easily than ever. Read on for details and more advice from fraud experts, relationship counselors, dating sites and consumer protection agencies.

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Between the fees, delivery charge and drive tip it winds up being twice the cost of the food. What is the best senior dating site. Some of the distant men might be great, but I am seeking someone local and haven't found anyone at all. It includes private information. My grandaughter paid for a six months membership as a gift to me.

Next time I receive your mail I will report it to the appropriate agency. If an online dating match makes that ask, report it to the dating site and stop all communications with that person, Nofziger advises. They overcharged me and claimed that they refunded the full amount, which they did not. More Senior Dating Businesses.

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Preferred solution Do not send me mail! Also while the site says it is free to join, to send and receive messages to other members you need to pay and they need to pay too. What can we help you with? Write a Review Ask a Question Share. This was the last attempt at internet dating for me.

  1. This site is disappointing and difficult to use.
  2. They overcharged me and claimed that they refunded the total amount, which they did not.
  3. Don't waste your money on this site.

Did you get the charge taken off your credit card, Caryn A. Feedback from members is extremely poor. To play it safe, be shrewd when sharing personal information, use the internet for reconnaissance, and always meet a potential mate first in a public setting. Reason of review Refusal to take action because it might cost too much.

Reason of review I do not want any more of your mailings unless you just want to continue to throw the money of your members in the toilet. This started shortly after I renewed. This is the last thing I need to deal with while trying to make my mother comfortable in her last days with me.

Preferred solution Let the company propose a solution. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If you ever get serious about it, I would welcome a discussion. To discover where else a picture may have appeared, upload it to web-scouring sites that use image recognition technology. My profile was interesting and I am a good catch.

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Full Name Job Title Email. My grandaughter paid for a six months membership as a bounty to me. This was supposed to be a free for seven day opportunity.

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Each time I was sent two plastic cards. How can you prove you didn't get a date? Your email address will not be published.

Did you get your charges off your credit card, N. Not worth a plugged nickle. It's inappropriate or not family friendly. Only about Three matches that were less than weeks old.

Sites You Might Also Like. How do I get my money back. The site advertises that if you don't get a date in such and such length of time, dating houston online your money will be refunded. Their vetting program is horrendous.

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Feedback from members is utterly poor. This business is closed or doesn't exist. We are processing your message.

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Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive. So you truly have to pay if you want to meet people. To many requests for renewal right after I already renewed. It's posted to the wrong business. This was supposed to be a free for seven day chance.

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You can never contact anyone on authority by phone. Make sure your cellphone battery is fully charged, experts say, in case you need to call someone for assistance. Experts also say to edit out any identifying information in photos, such as a home address or license plate number. You can view followed brands in your profile.

Most possible matches are in not so nearby metro areas. Makes me wonder what there real purpose is. What a waste of paper and needless plastic. Pls don't waste your time on this site.

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