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The banded Super Grain had the white Kaywoodie cloverleaf logo in the bit and a wide metal band. You don't have to be present at the raffle, but you have to buy your tickets at the show. After listening to one of the radio shows, it got me interested in putting a date on my Kaywoodie. The thought was that skilled pipe craftsmen would be trained at Yapank and the finishing operations would gradually be shifted there. One fellow on the web believes that is why Yello-Bole pipes tend to be smaller over all, working around flaws.

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Send all such items by e-mail to. Flea markets are particularly fruitful hunting grounds for Kaywoodie Pipes. You are a Companion of the Graal, a Magus of Light and now receive the first instructions concerning the true purpose of the Rosicrucian and mystic symbols and hieroglyphics. Current Kaywoodie website.

Readers who may not be familiar with these publications should consult their local tobacconist for details. There is a Dark Chamber, as in the Chamber of Reflection, outside the temple not lodge itself. Now commences your course and study as an esoteric Rosicrucian. The workingman's pipe in the catalog was the Drinkless Kaywoodie. We gathered, we greeted and that was that for the formalities.

We belong to a community that has, from antiquity, devoted itself to this Light, and whosoever joins with us must enter upon the journey to seek this Light. Frank was looking for larger facilities to house the manufacturing and office space. Whoever emerges unhurt from this fire is near the Light! There is certainly no shortage of Kaywoodies today.

Kaywoodie Pipes

Both are mavens for their specific brands and both are just two of the best guys any of us will ever be fortunate enough to know. Heck, entertainment is hard to come by these days. So much great documentation lost and nothing even close to it available on line. Two years ago my parents were in Cogolin at Courrieu's pipe factory, and they bought a cheap briar pipe for me. It contains rituals, jurisprudence, harry styles is not dating and other literature of rites that are dormant or otherwise unknown to Masons in America.

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This rare find is set aside and turned over to a master pipe craftsman. Not like everybody says - like dumb - I'm smart and I want respect! Considering this ritual's origins, it is not hard to understand that those initiated into this order were not your neighborhood plumbers and shoe salesmen. The pipe in the photo has a four-digit shape number No.

Hence, only the following, general guidelines for dating Kaywoodies can be suggested. The purpose of this article is to collate what I found in order to provide some guidelines on dating the older pipes and to differentiate between the two stampings. Well that's interesting, because I had an earlier dating from the Compendium. The Flame Grain became the new top grade. Although not hugely successful, online dating for the Heritage produced some fine pipes that are still in the collections of many pipe smokers.

Reclaiming old and worn estate pipes

Re-reading this, it seems to me, that my English is very bad, but it's the best I have. Navigation menu Personal tools English Log in. Fnord It ain't the way I wanted it! It is hoped that this initial attempt will provide a useful point of departure for future, more exhaustive research on this important, interesting, but neglected era in American pipesmoking history.

Early Kaywoodie (1919-1924)

S. M. Frank Co. & Inc

The origin of the name Kaywoodie is a combination of the K from Kaufman and wood, as in briar. God I miss the Kaywoodie Compendium. Kaywoodies are pretty good smokers.

The calabash leave the catalogues, but some pipes with case and some scums are still produced. Captain Black Royal is very aromatic. These also have the yellow circle on the stem. As fine an aromatic as you'll find anywhere on the market today, Captain Black stayed true to form with Royal. Close cover before striking.

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  • The Heritage pipes were an upscale line of push bit pipes meant to compliment the Kaywoodie line.
  • As noted earlier, Kaywoodie prices may be substantially lower at flea markets and estate sales.
  • Frank started a subsidiary company called Heritage Pipes.
  • New stuff will appear on the test site first.

This article is under development. It contains a tobacco humidor and a handy compartment for pipe smoking utensils. As you will see from the photos here, dating two years now the pipe is in mint condition. The link I noted was the most comprehensive site that I had found to date.

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The fires of passion blaze around you and threaten your corruption. That became difficult to be supplied out of water-bottles considering the growing request and the constant attention which it is necessary to carry to the culture. Perhaps that discussion will be helpful to participants in this topic.

This section presents a brief summary of the Kaywoodie Pipes that appeared in these undated catalogs, but did not appear in either the or catalogs. The Birdseye and Straight Grain pipes were packaged in special hand-fitted leather cases. Readily available and reliable information on Kaywoodie Pipes, however, is virtually non-existent. In the back room of this shop, they made their first pipes.

Readers with such information even the tiniest bits that are willing to share their experience would be greatly appreciated. The pipe market, increasing at a steady rate the past years, appears ready for a resurgence even as the tobacco industry seems to be the target of choice among politicians and lawyers. It may be worth contacting him. Wish I still had those Flame Grains. His widow prepares to sell the company.

Perhaps the best source of information on the current value of Kaywoodie Pipes, is other knowledgeable Kaywoodie collectors. For the collector who is willing to shop-around, it is still possible to develop an extensive collection of Kaywoodie Pipes without spending a great deal of money. But it's better with a pipe. Chris used source material from Robert W.

Early Kaywoodie (1919-1924)

Collector s Guide to Kaywoodie Pipes

Do not use if you are taking medications for hypertension, the gout, or hemorrhoids. Heres a picture As long as I got a pipe full of baccy and a nose full of snuff, I'm a happy camper Cigarettes are an addiction, cigars are a hobby, pipes are a religion. Through this period, Kaywoodie and Yello-Bole had its own officers, sales force and maintained the production facilities in West New York.

The information on these pipes was provided by W. With pipes that use paper filters, screw mounted metal filaments, aluminum scoops and now just plain push bits, we offer a pipe for all tastes. The water-bottles used are originating in South Africa and are fruits which can be used as pipe called also gourd, in this case usable for the pipes.

Kaywoodie Pipes

Typically well put together Captain Black blend. That is all the information I have gathered to date. In fact, the marketing strategy was focused especially on the countries of the Britanique Empire. However, the smoking characteristics were not quite as good and the project was abandoned after the war. The material, a high temperature resin mixed with wood flour, was cheaper than briar, more resistant to cracking, chipping, charring and burnouts.

Learn about the history of Kaywoodie
  1. The search will bring up quite a few of the pipes that I and other contributors to the blog have posted here.
  2. This section presents a brief overview of some Kaywoodie Pipes that did not appear in any of the catalogs consulted in this research.
  3. Additionally, there has been a recent proliferation of mail-order pipe dealers who occasionally offer Kaywoodie Pipes.
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