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Christ Liv, I couldn't breathe. In an attempt to make amends, Alexa bombards Caine at his office. Like how Olivia calls shotgun and the Scots have no idea what she meant.

She didn't take no for an answer and didn't put up with his bullshit. Knowing how skittish she is about entering a relationship, Braden proposes an arrangement that will satisfy their intense attraction without any strings attached. At one of his shoots he meets one of the most eligible bachelor, Caine Carraway. Nate more than made up for it to Olivia, and in return Olivia didn't give into Nate so easily, online dating profile thank god.

  1. This is also one of those rare situations where I loved the heroine even more than the hero.
  2. This is with the exception of Nate.
  3. As it turns out, everything.

Olivia was accepted into this big group almost like a surrogate sister. She begins to think about her temptation rather than the rules. When Olivia finds herself crushing on a hot guy that frequents the library she works at, inc debate she is immediately overwhelmed by her own insecurities. Have you read the Heller series.

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He carries a huge secret that he never wants to get out, and this causes him to have walls built so high that no one will ever be able to penetrate them. Close friends, they never explored their attraction to one another. Her character growth was done so well that I swear she had me tearing up in a number of scenes, it made me feel so proud watching her firmly stand her ground. When she flees home to Hartwell, Michael follows, hand dating determined to do everything in his power to convince her they belong together. Alexa Holland couldn't believe her eyes when she found Caine in the same room as her because she knows something that might send Caine over the edge if he ever found out who she is.

So he flirts with everything that moves and doesn't make any promises. At the sight of the imposing figure of the Bastard Scot marching toward the cart from the other side, I picked up my feet and almost ran toward the spot. Close friends, they never explored their This audiobook has been sitting on my shelf for at least a year. You like to play with reader's heartstrings like they're a bloody violin.

Caine was a straight up asshole at times, and Lexie always pushed his buttons right back. Who wants her, loves her, needs her. How they connect emotionally because of their past intertwined them and made their bon A fantastic book to begin the year!

How far will the heroine take the relationship before she reveals the big secret? Caine is so taken aback by Alexa's big reveal that he fires the photography team instantly. She believes herself to be fortunate that there are a few readers who love to enjoy her works by relating to he mad worlds and dry humor. No cheese, just good stuff. Excited to finally start this!

Yes, the recurring themes in this book has been done a number of times but what set this apart from other books is the connection and the chemistry between the two main characters. He continuously pushes her away because of this. Now in her late twenties, Alexa works as a personal assistant for a fashion photographer. As I'm sure you can imagine, things between Nate and Olivia won't stay that simple.

And the hot scenes will definitely make you forget about the cold weather. Can either one of them overcome their pasts to accept the other? To love her, to want to be with her. But that's where the fun begins.

Before Jamaica Lane

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And despite her insecurites, Liv was anything but weak. An undeniable connection forms between them. Alexa is able to help with that. She could teach classes on writing epilogues.

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Even Cameron seems to be interested in knowing her, but finds it difficult to get past the solid walls that she has built around herself. First, I'm gonna break down what worked for me. They fell into best friends category very quickly. This is the story of Alexa Holland coming face to face with the man whom her family wronged so many years ago.

After being with Nate, Olivia is finding herself thinking of her crush less and less. Poor you, you're just a fucking woman. He was strong and stubborn and ruthless, matchmaking but he was also this contradiction.

During her growing years, Samantha had never imagined that she she would spend her time thinking about stories and writing them down for her readers to enjoy. Samantha also blames them sarcastically for raising her the way and letting her become what she is now. Samantha says that the kind of nature that she has, her family members should have let her go, but they have always been with her and supported no matter how messy she is. Both of them are polar opposites with Olivia being the shy and inexperienced one at dating while Nate is the walking playboy of the city who can have any lady he wants. She ends up propositioning Nate to tutor her in the art of dating and sex, because Nate is a well known manwhore.

When Olivia develops a crush on one of the guys in the library she works at, her lack of experience in the dating department had her pushing her luck by asking Nate for some advice. Add into that equation a brooding business man and a fantastic heroine and you've got yourself a recipe for a terrific read! Hero was an enjoyable read for me. The hero and heroine start out being quite hurtful to one another. The other books Until Fountain Bridge and Down London Road were also very good but not as good in my opinion, but this book Before Jamaica Lane shoots right back up there to amazing.

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  • Alexa and Caine made me laugh out loud more than once.
  • Quotes from Before Jamaica Lane.
  • And I didn't want to be someone he hated.
  • He isn't big on change, but we slowly see his hard shell start to crack.

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Nate and Liv are second only to Braden and Joss for me, so this one hit me hard, but I loved it! It wasn't really anything new. There are just too many wonderful books out there to spend any time reading about an ass and his doormat. One of my favorite books ever, and had me feeling furious and swooning.


If the constant zing of attraction that runs between them is any indication, it certainly won't be a chore either. She just wants him to feel the same. This becomes glaringly obvious to her when she runs into the one person that her father hurt the most with his actions. They kick off on a tumultuous, passionate affair, and Alexa knows her heart is headed for a spectacular break, but oh what a ride! Fortunately, Hero was everything I wanted it to be - sexy, suspenseful, full of sexual tension and laugh out loud scenes and more.

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