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Tonka Servicar Handlebars. Generally, toys that were built to last, such as the Tonka toys, are more easily stored and survive through several generations. The law of supply and demand works. The headlights were separate plated steel pieces that pushed into the grille. The hood on and models only, can be identified by the four parallel ribs, evenly spaced, running front to back.

How to Tell the Age of a Tonka Truck

Grooved Tire For Rigid Stand. Tonka Livestock Trailer Rear Door. Dozen Red Rubber Wire Tips.

Except for the Hi-Way series and the Allied Van Lines semi, all other trucks sported the familiar bright finish bumper. Tonka Giant Dozer Umbrella. Tonka Backhoe Truck Scoop.

The best growth is reached on fertile soils rich in humus. Coumarin is bitter to the taste, however, and, in large infused doses, it may cause hemorrhages, liver damage, or paralysis of the heart. Dozen White Rubber Wire Tips. The aluminum wheel cover with five round holes was deleted. International orders will have a flat shipping fee added at checkout.

Tonka Jeep Windshield rivet in. This website created and owned by G. Dozen Black Rubber Wire Tips. The Tonka Toy Company is renowned for the durable steel sheet-metal toys it began producing in the mid s.

All other trademarks found on this website are used exclusively for identification purposes only. The tailgate was hinged at the bottom and secured to the box sides with plated metal chains. Depending on the model, trucks were manufactured with either a rubber whitewall inserted into a black rubber tire or the familiar one piece rubber blackwall tire. Interest level and availability of various models is now gauged on a world wide scale, not limited to area toy shows. You will see that, at times, the changes from year to year can be fairly subtle.

Triangle Hole Hubcap chrome plated. Depending on the model, persian dating website the trucks were fitted with either a plated steel solid disc wheel cover or a plated steel wheel cover with five triangular holes. Also new for was the introduction of two new wheel covers.

The tire was changed to an injection molded plastic material as was the separate whitewall. Welcome to what is becoming the go to Mighty Tonka resource on the web. True mint condition for a toy means it comes with the original box and instructions if applicable. Long-lasting toys are more likely to belong to a well-established toy collecting category that has been collected and researched for many years.

Pair Dumb Bell Lights chrome plated. The tire retained the narrow whitewall and the same wheel cover as the previous years. It was slightly smaller and had a more updated, modern look.

Identification Guide

The pocket under the bed was deleted. Tonka Dump Truck Tailgate. Early Grader Exhaust Stack. Tonka Sanitation Truck Front Scoop.

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Vintage Tonka Truck Identification Guide with photos

Based in California, Debbie Donner is a freelance online writer who primarily writes articles related to personal finance. Red Crosshatch Tail Lights. Tonka Black Rubber Hose Adapter.

  • Tonka Semi Trailer Mudflap Bracket.
  • You could have any color you wanted as long as it was red.
  • Like a number of other plants, the tonka bean plant probably produces coumarin as a defense chemical.
  1. Tonka Pickup Wrecker Lower Hook.
  2. Tonka Lumber Semi Log Load.
  3. Solid Hubcap chrome plated.
Sandbox Favorites Since 1964

Tonka Pickup Wrecker Lightbar. However, there are some models that were only around for a couple of years or produced in limited quantities. In the tables below, I've listed a few different Identification Features for the various truck model years.

Dating tonka dump trucks - ITD World

The example on the left features the front end of the Hi-Way pickup. Identification The Tonka logo can be used to identify and date a Tonka toy. The hole in the trailer tang is too small. The center of the front bumper is smooth.

What is the Value of Vintage Schwinn Bicycles? That something was to reduce labor costs and to that end manufacturing and warehousing was moved from the midwest to the southwest. The model was based on the current Ford F pickup of the era.

The tires and whitewalls changed dramatically. Open Top Fire Extinguisher. Mini Tonka Camper Side Door. The Tonka logo can be used to identify and date a Tonka toy.

Tonka Fire Truck Ladder Clips. Tonka Jeepster Long Plastic Top. Closed Top Fire Extinguisher. For the next several years, hook up bbm on the classic Regular series grille would be based on Dodge pickup trucks of the era.

Tonka Toys Identification Guide

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The Value of Antique Tonka Toys

Mighty Tonka Toys

Dating History

How to Tell the Age of a Tonka Truck

Mighty Tonka

Tonka Red Rubber Hose Adapter. The rarer a toy is, the more forgiving collectors are about normal wear and tear such as faded paint and properly restored parts. Along with the increased awareness of available models, was a decrease in prices paid by collectors and enthusiasts.

List of Rare Matchbox Cars. But all was not as rosy as it may have appeared to most Tonka employees. After initial start up jitters subsided, Mighty production soon maxed out. The value of antique Tonka toys depends upon a number of factors, the most important of which is the rarity of the particular toy. Scroll down to see our expanded list of reproduction Tonka parts.

It has a very appealing natural color variation and is considered quite durable as it has a rating on the Janka hardness scale. Late Grader Exhaust Stack. The regulations are criticized as unreasonable due to the unlikelihood of consuming enough coumarin to cause ill effects and due to the presence of coumarin in unregulated foods. Rigid Semi Trailer Front Stand. Small Dozer Exhaust Stack.

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Tonka Lumber Truck Chains. Age is the least important factor for most toy collectors in regards to the value of antique Tonka toys. Mini Tonka Auto Transport Ramps.

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